Customizable graphics
Packs of 360 or 480 pieces

Single-use hypoallergenic bibs, compostable and extra resistant

Our single-use bibs are ideal to provide high hygiene and protection during meal time, and they are more practical with respect to the more traditional fabric bibs.

The colorful shapes on our bibs make them fun and cute. Their dimension is 25×30 cm and they come with a practical 6cm pocket.

Our bibs are made of two plies. The front part is made of Airlaid paper, which is soft, absorbing, and resistant, while the back is made of MatEr-biĀ®, a corn derivative that ensures water-resistance. They are ideal to use at home, at daycare or in preschool. Moreover, their practicality makes them perfect for travelling.

They are compostable, so should be disposed in the organic recycling bin after removing the two adhesive bands on the back of the bibs.