ERREBI PAPER’s quality certificates


Certification of quality management systems according to ISO 9001:2015, which is the internationally recognized gold standard in quality management. The certificate was obtained in 2013 and it is successfully renewed every year.
ERREBI PAPER’s goal is to ensure the fulfillments of our clients’ requests respecting the binding legal prescriptions in terms of protection of the health and safety of its collaborators.

Quality policy

Certification for food contact materials

ERREBI PAPER’s paper products for food contact are in compliance with the EU and Italian legislations, and are predisposed in accordance with European legislations.
All the analyses and lab evaluations are performed by an internationally recognized third-party lab. The declarations of compliance certify that ERREBI PAPER’s products are suitable for food contact as they are sufficiently inert to not cause changes in the organoleptic properties and quality of food items and, moreover, they do not pose any risks for human health.


The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a global, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of responsible forest management worldwide. FSC defines standards based on agreed principles for responsible forest stewardship that are supported by environmental, social, and economic stakeholders. FSC® helps take care of forests and the people and wildlife that call them home.
To learn more, visit www.fsc.org

FSC Policy


The European Union’s Eco-Quality brand (EU Ecolabel) which distinguishes products that, while guaranteeing high performance standards, are characterised by a reduced environmental impact during their entire life cycle (LCA).

ERREBI PAPER has always been careful about the environmental impact of its production, constantly investing in structural improvements aimed at making the company increasingly sustainable. A major intervention has been towards energy saving of the whole activity to ensure a better environmental liveability, as well as the study of certified biodegradable and/or compostable products.


Compliance with Regulation (EC) No. 745/2017 on Medical Devices, amending Directive 2001/83/EC, Regulation (EC) No. 178/2002 and Regulation (EC) No. 1223/2009 and repealing Council Directives 90/385/EEC and 93/42/EEC.

This EC Regulation harmonises the rules to placing on the market and putting into service on the Union market of medical devices and accessories, setting high standards of quality and safety of medical devices in order to meet common safety requirements for certified products.


ERREBI PAPER Products are evaluated through chemical-toxicological analyses and dermatological tests by third parties in order to guarantee hypoallergenicity and the most complete skin tolerability.
ERREBI PAPER production is intended for the medical, aesthetic, health and food sectors and ensures the high quality of the product, the use of the best raw materials for the production and supply of hypoallergenic articles to be used in total safety.


ERREBI PAPER is engaged in research, development and promotion of alternative recyclable materials and packaging and with a lower environmental impact, of green origin or certified biodegradable and/or compostable (EN 13432).
Environmental sustainability is a fundamental value for ERREBI PAPER. The company’s commitment is dedicated not only to the search for raw materials with low environmental impact, but also to the implementation of production and business management solutions aimed at energy saving.


The Aticelca 501/19 system is an assessment method capable of determining the level of recyclability of predominantly cellulosic materials and products. It is based on a laboratory analysis, developed by Aticelca since 2011 and became in April 2019 UNI 11743:2019 standard. The analysis simulates the main stages of the industrial process of processing paper for recycling until a new sheet of paper is produced. The result of the laboratory test, which analyzes the main elements that characterize the recyclability of paper and cardboard and the products obtained with them, thanks to the Aticelca evaluation system is summarized by an index expressed by the letters A+, A, B and C, being A+ the level of highest recyclability.
The Aticelca system has been developed by Aticelca with the contribution of Assocarta, Assografici and Comieco. The Aticelca system is recognized by the Italian paper and board supply chain for the evaluation of laboratory test results obtained with UNI 11743:2019.


ERREBI PAPER S.r.l. declares that all manufactured articles are made without intentional use and/or addition of SVHC substances. ERREBI PAPER constantly monitors substances of very high risk (SVHC), as defined by REACH, to ensure timely updating of documentation and to follow up any new information that may emerge.

REACH Declaration


In accordance with REACH Regulation No. 1907/2006, Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are only required for substances and mixtures. Although our products are, as non-hazardous “finished products”, excluded from the obligation to provide such documentation, ERREBI PAPER has also decided to draw up and distribute a “Voluntary Product Safety Data Sheet”.



The Cribis Prime Company award is the highest level of evaluation of the commercial reliability of an Organization and is issued only and exclusively to virtuous companies that constantly maintain a high economic and commercial reliability.

This certification highlights how ERREBI PAPER can become the trusted supplier of paper products for medical, health and food use, as well as demonstrating the reliability and ethics that the company has always demonstrated towards its suppliers of raw materials, external collaborators and workers.



Errebi Paper obtained in 2020 the status of Authorised Exporter issued by the Customs Agency on 27/08/2020.
This qualification allows to issue preferential declarations of origin on invoices (instead of the EUR1 certificate) in importing countries such as Morocco and Switzerland.


On 16/11/2021, Errebi Paper received the Approved Location Authorisation from the Customs Agency.
This allows Extra EU Export operations to be carried out at our plant in a clearly delineated location, thus eliminating waiting times, the movement of drivers and favouring the easy traceability of customs export bills by entering into immediate possession of all documentation.


Errebi Paper has been registered in the REX System of Registered Exporters as of 29/12/2021.
Through this registration we have the possibility to self-certify the preferential origin of goods in order to obtain zero customs duties at the UK border.