Our Company

ERREBI PAPER srl has been in the paper business in Cuneo for over 40 years.
The manufacturing has focused on disposable tissue paper and air laid articles to serve the medical, aesthetic, health and food sectors.

The medical branch is the company’s core business: thanks to the experience acquired in the sector over the last four decades, ERREBI PAPER has been able to establish itself at European level as the specialist converter of medical couch rolls.

The product range includes examination rolls, folded hand towels or kitchen rolls, medical drapes and bibs. The articles are available in different formats and raw materials.

ERREBI PAPER offers its customers the possibility to have customized products adapted to their specific needs.

ERREBI PAPER has twelve automated processing lines and over the years has been able to adapt its range to the needs of an increasingly sustainable and green economy.

As far as the market is concerned, ERREBI Paper srl has chosen, over time, to allocate its resources mainly to exports (90% of the total turnover) and has been able to carve out an important space on European and non-European markets.


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